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What is Tidal Change?

Tidal Change is a surfing and wellbeing documentary. Normalising and encouraging the discussion about mental health.


Director of Photography, Aaron Cook works with core Cinematographers, Max Franco and Samuel Rich, with a support network of other cameramen in the South West.


The production is being shot throughout the South West, UK.

'For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) it's always ourselves we find in the sea''

E.E. Cummings

The driving force of the series are the filmmakers, sharing their mental health experiences with on camera thoughts as the documentary evolves. This is a journey of the filmmakers understanding ways to improve our mental health, using both free sports and activities as well as organisations which offer support. 

We begin the Tidal Change journey by exploring the culture around the sea in the South West, looking at the people and organisations that are available for people needing a space or a place for healing and support. Emphasis on mental health and surfing. As the filmmakers share their own experiences, we explore a ripple effect in the power of vulnerability and openness. Being themselves filmed in a behind the scenes style format.


The circumstances you're in, don't have to remain the same. If you're going through a hard time, it may not seem like it at the moment, but there are ways to improve your situation.

Mental Health Crisis

There is more to Mental Health than what's on the surface. Anybody that seems mentally strong and physically fit on the the outside could be suffering and needing help on the inside.


Tidal Change Team


If we can help just one person and bring something positive to their life, the Tidal Change project is worth the time. The series shows different ways that people have improved their mental health, by talking openly with one another and connecting with the great outdoors.

  • Director of Photography /Producer & Editor - Aaron Cook

  • Cinematographer & Aerial Drone - Samuel Rich

  • Cinematographer & Aerial Drone - Max Franco

  • FPV Drone Pilot - Alex Tam

  • Contributor (Surf Instructor & NHS Worker) - Abby Stewart

  • Contributor (George's Surf School Owner) - George Stoy

  • Contributor (Artist) - Graham Cullis

  • Contributor (Musicians) - Mac & Laura

  • Contributor (Lay Paster) - Dylan Smith

  • Contributor (Reverend) - Jon Salmon